Breaking the Silence of Miscarriage

Artwork I created in memory of Todd Michael. I debated posting anything today because this is a card I’ve held pretty close to my chest. But because it’s Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, I feel like I would do myself, my nonliving child, and other silent sufferers a disservice by not saying anything. For... Continue Reading →

Heat Waves

The legend himself, Teller. One thing you’ll learn pretty quick about Texans is that we love talking about the weather. If you’ve spent more than five minutes here, you’ll know what I mean. This past year, there was one day where it rained, hailed, snowed, hailed some more, then heated up to a balmy 60... Continue Reading →

The War on Women

My body. My choice. Trigger warning: Sexual Assault, abortions, pregnancy, Catholicism and plenty of other hot-button topics. I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking lately. During the heavily covered Depp-Heard trial, I was struggling with the shame of sharing a mental illness with the she-devil. One thing was said in particular that stuck with... Continue Reading →

Twitterpated in Spring

When the words don’t come, just sit in patient contemplation. The written word doesn’t always come when it’s called, but it can always be coerced with enough gumption. In moments like these, I feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole into a world of possibilities with infinite possibility. It’s given me faith many times,... Continue Reading →

Of Friends and Fiends

‘Twas a stormy night in North Texas with country dwellers fast asleep, and one lonesome writer… The Fellowship of the Ring The bonds of humanity have me flummoxed. I’m almost a completely analytical person, but I was raised in a home where magic was possible, dreams were attainable, and you could do anything you set... Continue Reading →

The Night at the End of the World

A work of fiction There’s nothing in this world that is as violent as nature. Bison roam these lands we ride through, their arched backs steaming in the rising sun, traipsing the endless sea of grass before us. We’ve made a painstaking pace, our caravan plodding slowly, agonizingly, as the days drift from one to... Continue Reading →

Transient States of Consciousness

The engulfing eclipse of an infinite rift, You blinked, and all at once there was a boy, He, there in the crow’s feet by his earthy eyes, Summons a calling deep in the soul of your being, Hasten, steadfast, and solemn, He rides the mare that was raised for just this breath, Cruelly galloping, galloping... Continue Reading →

Poetic Implications

Bleak eyed pockmarked and grey, all grey, Boldness is not plucked from inside of a shell, Warm, soft and plush delicately poised at the ready, The dialogue read not a verse in its finality, Bleat, in concession to the figure with a scythe, The gaze, a desert of a timeless sea born despite the doubt,... Continue Reading →

Will I Miss This?

Me, with a new friend, about 8 years old. There’s a song in the country genre that talks about a girl that wants to grow up too fast. “You’re gonna miss this, you’re gonna want this back, you’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast…” If I think about it, there are two... Continue Reading →

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