Transient States of Consciousness

The engulfing eclipse of an infinite rift,

You blinked, and all at once there was a boy,

He, there in the crow’s feet by his earthy eyes,

Summons a calling deep in the soul of your being,

Hasten, steadfast, and solemn,

He rides the mare that was raised for just this breath,

Cruelly galloping, galloping towards the abyss,

The crinkled smile, laughing as you soar to the stars,

I thought but for a moment, that it was all too soon,

Though ashes turn to dust, at nearly half past one,

He stares into the abyss,

The smile falls short, your heart thumps stubbornly on,

A voice only he can hear calls aloud, soft croon,

And in a moment still, he suspends, melting into the horizon,

Not enough time, never enough to say goodbye.

In memory of Chase McGowen



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