On Writing Blocks and Universal Blocks

The real and short of it is that no one, and I mean no one, on this earth is completely and consistently at peak performance one hundred percent of the time. However, this facet of life leaves an unsavory taste in my mouth. For those of us whose lives are made less mundane by creation, what is there to do when our creativity dries up?

Naturally, I become morose and irritable, a sure sign that my apparent genius has been stifled. As with many of us, we all know this frustration well. Ideally, my source of most inspiration lies in nature. My whole life I have been trying to find the way to describe how nature itself makes me feel, at least in a way no one has quite been able to grasp. It has been a source of comfort to me where else there was none, and the constant and undeniable energy that ebbs and flows, neverending It never ceases to leave me wordlessly in awe.

Of course, the benefits of relinquishing your inhibitions and doing something carnal and passionate might be the trick. Sending a jet stream of endorphins to the brain from elsewhere might give it the kick in the ass that it needs.

By that I mean engaging in a life-threatening hobby, like bull taming, skydiving, or free diving with great white sharks. Nothing like a surefire dose of adrenaline to keep the mind nimble. Obviously, solo options are best, to keep from frittering with the locals. No need to bring twitterpation into it.

For that matter, hormones themselves are quite irritating, aren’t they? A single dose to the heart and one might think they’ve been struck by a naked cherub with their worst interests at heart. Not to say that I don’t believe in love at first sight, because, arguably, I am the byproduct of it. To imagine that this creature has potentially been responsible for every human born in existence is romantic, sure, but where’s the fun in that?

How funny it is when the brain runs away with itself. To speak of things like love and nature it’s almost as if these things preoccupy my mind on a daily basis. Sometimes they do. Other times, I am wondering whatever stopped frogs from growing exponentially in size while simultaneously conquering humans. The Age of the Frogs, we would call it, and it would be an incredibly dangerous time for airline pilots flying low to the ground.

Have you ever stopped to wonder where your mind would go if left unattended?

Food for thought.


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