Heat Waves

The legend himself, Teller. One thing you’ll learn pretty quick about Texans is that we love talking about the weather. If you’ve spent more than five minutes here, you’ll know what I mean. This past year, there was one day where it rained, hailed, snowed, hailed some more, then heated up to a balmy 60... Continue Reading →

On Love in Life

This week, my husband and I will celebrate five years of marriage. To some, that might not seem like much. But to us, it’s everything. Like many stories, this one starts on a Friday night, in a local billiards bar called Luke’s. It had quickly become a favorite of mine and an old friend Leah’s,... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Writer

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly When I was in second grade, I remember getting an assignment from Mrs. Wilson that required for us to write a fictional story with high stakes and in an unrealistic environment. If I remember correctly, it was briefly after reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Most kids wrote... Continue Reading →

Silver Linings

It’s so easy to be caught up in the inconveniences of life. Really, I get it. But if I found this much joy from one would-be disaster, how many more moments can I have like this? I’m taking on the challenge. I’m going to try to be present in a world that can be cruel, heartless, and make me question everything.

Why Dogs are Better than Kids: An Ethical Analysis

Millennials are forgoing the stinky, fussy, expensive, not to mention rude (they NEVER let you sleep) crotch-fruit that we all know as soul-sucking babies. We're getting married, sure, but those rates are dropping too. Spare me your bleeding-heart bleat that babies are awesome people, because they are, but the fact is this: dogs are simply better than babies.

The Guilt of Anti-Minimalism

Generally, I will put a movie on and sort all the laundry into baskets, and yes, that's plural, because we have a lot, and I mean a LOT of clothes. Our walk-in closet is full of them, and we have them for multiple occasions, from dressed up to down, casual wear, work wear, outside wear, hunting and fishing gear, lounge wear, pajamas, workout clothes, the list goes on and on...

The Man Who Stood As Tall As Trees

As Grandfather told it, Grandma was raised in a tight-knit Roman Catholic German community. Outsiders were treated with caution and an aloofness that mimicked the taut-lipped Amish, and it was a normal occurrence for generations to intermarry with distant cousins to keep the religion and German blood as pure as possible. When my Grandfather and Grandmother were finally introduced, Grandpa always said his heart didn’t skip just one beat, but several, as if she stole it from him in that moment. He claims he never got it back.

Diving In

My mom always told me that I could swim before I could walk. Whether or not that's actually true, I can vividly remember loving the water as a child. My paternal grandmother, Peggy, insisted that my sisters and I received swimming lessons, so we went to the YMCA in Houston to learn. While growing up,... Continue Reading →

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