Cover for 50 Things to Know About Homesteading Book by Anna Albright

Exclusive Excerpt from the Upcoming Novel for November 2021 NaNoWriMo Event:

She quickly unlocked the front door and flew inside, gently placing the book on her miniscule coffee table and biting her lip anxiously as she opened the cover. Dust spit out of the spine and pages, creating a cloud before settling into a fine mist of antique book glitter over Clara’s table and floor.

The first page simply read Blessed Be to ye, to me, and the power that gives most willingly. Clara read the words aloud, savoring their feeling on her lips and felt a thrill go through her. Her skin was nearly electrified, gooseflesh forming on her arms and legs, hairs standing on end. She breathed heavily as she turned the page. 

This one read, Begone those that would use this book for dastardly purposes. May their tongues be turned into slugs and their intestines be filled with plump bullfrogs. Next to the words was an odd symbol made out of something that looked suspiciously like blood at first, but upon further inspection, turned out to be red wax with what looked to be chocolate-colored cat hairs mixed into the sigil. 

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