The War on Women

My body. My choice. Trigger warning: Sexual Assault, abortions, pregnancy, Catholicism and plenty of other hot-button topics. I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking lately. During the heavily covered Depp-Heard trial, I was struggling with the shame of sharing a mental illness with the she-devil. One thing was said in particular that stuck with... Continue Reading →

Of Friends and Fiends

‘Twas a stormy night in North Texas with country dwellers fast asleep, and one lonesome writer… The Fellowship of the Ring The bonds of humanity have me flummoxed. I’m almost a completely analytical person, but I was raised in a home where magic was possible, dreams were attainable, and you could do anything you set... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Writer

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly When I was in second grade, I remember getting an assignment from Mrs. Wilson that required for us to write a fictional story with high stakes and in an unrealistic environment. If I remember correctly, it was briefly after reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Most kids wrote... Continue Reading →

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