Breaking the Silence of Miscarriage

Artwork I created in memory of Todd Michael. I debated posting anything today because this is a card I’ve held pretty close to my chest. But because it’s Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, I feel like I would do myself, my nonliving child, and other silent sufferers a disservice by not saying anything. For... Continue Reading →

Silver Linings

It’s so easy to be caught up in the inconveniences of life. Really, I get it. But if I found this much joy from one would-be disaster, how many more moments can I have like this? I’m taking on the challenge. I’m going to try to be present in a world that can be cruel, heartless, and make me question everything.

The Man Who Stood As Tall As Trees

As Grandfather told it, Grandma was raised in a tight-knit Roman Catholic German community. Outsiders were treated with caution and an aloofness that mimicked the taut-lipped Amish, and it was a normal occurrence for generations to intermarry with distant cousins to keep the religion and German blood as pure as possible. When my Grandfather and Grandmother were finally introduced, Grandpa always said his heart didn’t skip just one beat, but several, as if she stole it from him in that moment. He claims he never got it back.

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